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Built for Real Estate agents and agencies who appreciate their time and demand a CRM that works for them.

Real Estate CRM & Website
What we offer

Features to simplify every piece of your business

BSP is full of features and tools including CRM, Website, Landing pages, Marketing, Mobile APP & much more to make every step from search to sold an easy and seamless experience for your clients and help agents to prioritize deals, track performance and predict revenue.

Real Estate CRM Dashboards

Discover important insights on your dashboard

There is nothing more important than visualizing data in a business. We have crafted these beautiful and insightful dashboards for you so you can view in real-time what is going on in your Real Estate agency. Our Dashboards are custom-tailored based on your needs and you can also have different dashboards for your agents or managers.

Stay Updated

Have a system that works for you

Our CRM help you build your calendar based on the information that you enter. Your calendar will automatically be filled with important dates like contract expiring, follow ups, meetings, visits etc.

Real Estate CRM Agenda
Real Estate CRM Mobile App
Mobile app

Work from where you are

Manage your work on the go with our mobile applications for both Android and iOS. You can add properties, leads, opportunities and see your calendar directly form your mobile.

How we help

Connect clients, agents and technology together

We do not aim to replace real estate agents, we aim to provide tools than can make them excel. Our real estate CRM provides many tools that allow you to automate time-consuming tasks, get important insights for agency and help your business move forward.


BSP enables your business to deepen its relationships with customers.


Get more hot leads fed directly into your sales pipeline from your website, landing pages, social media and web forms.


Everything we do is customized and designed to highlight your expertise in your field.


Deep dive into metrics customized for your real estate business and measure office and agents performance against set goals.


Access activities, meetings, clients, listings, deals and much more on the go directly from your mobile.


Eliminate busywork by automating repetitive administrative tasks and let the CRM do all the work for you using our advanced workflows tool.


Stay on top of activities that turn leads into transactions by receiving reminders in CRM, through email, and through mobile app push notifications.


BSP integrates with popular apps such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Mailchimp, Facebook and many more including local listing portals in your country.


We're here 24/7 to help you grow your business. Email, WhatsApp and Phone support to have you covered.

1500+ professionals from 10+ countries trust our CRM to grow their business

Dear all, I am pleased to share with you my experience regarding the BSP CRM. The advantages of this program are professionality, promptness, and easy usage. I wish you to last and develop.

Natasa Kostic

Just Brilliant!
Simple, very straight forward and fast! Always there for any help and assistance. Interface is super easy to use, fast and highly customizable.

Johann Vella, CEO & Founder Keyhomes Malta

This CRM is a must in the field of Real Estate because it offers opportunities for better management of the agencies that use it. Usage of the platform from agents is quite efficient and helps in the quality of services provided to clients.


A very easy to use software. The team is very friendly, professional and always there to help. If you want to level up your Real Estate Agency, you can do it anytime with BSP.

Valbona Tusha Founder, Albion Property
Connect and sync

Easily integrate with your most important apps

You can integrate directly from CRM with different apps like Mailchimp, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Facebook etc.

You can also choose to integrate with local portals in your country to automatically publish your properties there with a single button.

BSP CRM is also packed with APIs that allow you to integrate with any system you want.

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