Introducing our new internal chat feature for Real Estate agents!

We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest mobile app feature, an internal chat that is designed specifically for real estate agents. The chat allows agents to communicate with each other, whether it be through a group chat for all users or through private one-on-one conversations.

A group chat for all users

The Group Chat feature allows real estate agents to communicate with each other in real time, creating a space for discussion and collaboration. This feature is ideal for exchanging ideas, discussing listings, and sharing updates or important news within the office. It enables all agents to stay connected and informed, encouraging a collaborative and productive working environment.

Group chat for all agents in your office

The Office Chat feature is a space where real estate agents can communicate with each other within their office, improving a sense of community and collaboration. Agents can easily share listings, discuss deals, and exchange information, making it easier to stay connected and informed. This feature is ideal for real estate offices that have a large team and need to communicate efficiently and effectively.

Communicate with private one-on-one chats

The Private Chat feature allows real estate agents to have one-on-one conversations with each other, providing a more intimate and personal communication experience. Agents can discuss sensitive information, share confidential listings, or have private conversations about deals and negotiations. This feature allows for a more secure and private way of communicating, ensuring that all conversations are kept confidential.

Send Listings and Deals Directly from the App

One of the most convenient aspects of the internal chat is the ability to send listings or deals directly from the mobile app. This feature is ideal for sharing new listings and updates, making it easier for agents to keep track of properties they are interested in and to collaborate on potential deals.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using our internal chat feature today!

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