BSP Real Estate CRM Transformation for ERA Real Estate: A Success Story


BSP Vision is a leading provider of comprehensive real estate CRM and website solutions built specifically for real estate agents and agencies. With a mission to empower real estate professionals with innovative technology, BSP Vision's platform is designed to streamline operations, improve customer engagement, and ultimately drive success.

On the other hand, ERA Albania, part of the global network of ERA Franchise Systems, LLC, has over 45 years of experience developing consumer-oriented products and services in the residential real estate industry.


ERA Albania was grappling with a set of digital infrastructure challenges that were impacting its ability to serve clients effectively:

  • The website was not user-friendly, with clients finding it difficult to search for properties, navigate the site, and use it on mobile devices.
  • The existing CRM system was outdated and limited, lacking the ability to add new features or functionalities, which had not been updated for a long time.
These challenges were hindering the efficiency of the agents and the satisfaction of the clients.

Some screenshots of previous website


To address these challenges, ERA Albania set the following objectives:

  • Streamline and automate the sales and management processes for agents and properties to improve efficiency.
  • Develop a fresh, easy-to-navigate, and mobile-friendly website to enhance the client experience.


BSP Vision provided a comprehensive, tailor-made solution to address ERA Albania's challenges:

  • A feature-rich CRM platform that included a mobile app, internal chat functionality, property brochure creation, automatic property matching, and detailed reporting. These features were designed to streamline the agents' workflows and improve their efficiency.
  • A custom-built website using BSP Vision's proprietary CMS, allowing easy management of pages, menus, images, and featuring beautifully crafted designs. This would enhance the user experience for clients, making it easier for them to search for properties, navigate the site, and use it on mobile devices.


The implementation process was meticulously planned and executed to ensure a smooth transition:

  • The property data import from the previous CRM to the new one was seamless, including images and all property information. This ensured that there was no loss of data during the transition.
  • Multiple training sessions were conducted for brokers, managers, and agents to ensure that everyone was comfortable and proficient with the new CRM. This ensured that there was no loss of productivity during the transition.
  • Pre-launch calls were held to discuss and implement small design changes and updates based on client requests. This ensured that the website was tailored to the specific needs and preferences of ERA Albania and its clients.
  • The website switch was carefully planned and executed, resulting in less than one minute of downtime at midnight when traffic was minimal. This ensured that there was minimal disruption to clients.


The transition to BSP Vision's CRM and website resulted in a range of positive outcomes:

  • There was a significant increase in system usage, particularly for the auto-matching feature and brochure creation for social media. This indicated that the agents found the new system to be more efficient and useful.
  • The mobile app was used daily by all agents to stay updated, indicating that it was an essential tool for their work.
  • The feedback from clients regarding the new website was overwhelmingly positive, indicating that it met their needs and preferences.

A modern looking website (

The migration process was very smooth, the BSP team was very responsive and fast in implementing our requests. Couldn't imagine it would be that much easy for us to migrate to such a powerful system.
CEO Era Albania
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